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Living in Argentina has been an amazing surprise. Every day is a new, priceless revelation. Every corner we stop at, every block we walk through, every person we talk to, everything is an experience.
We have been exploring the neighborhoods every Saturday, or almost. First we decide how to get around. Sometimes we take the bus, sometimes we walk, sometimes we drive. This time we decided to take Margaret out – Margaret is our car – because she really needed a shower. So the first stop was the car wash – not a very good wash by the way.
This Saturday we wanted to have parrilla and check out the Parque Centenário, one of the biggest around here. It is located between 3 beautiful neighborhoods, Caballito, Villa Crespo, and Almagro. Amazing places to live.
This park is super interesting and a great place to be with family and friends. It is round with a duck lake in the middle. There are some food carts for people to grab a snack to eat and to get some snacks for the birds that live there. It is full of activities, courts for sports, open spaces for picnics, and an astronomy club. There is also a skate park and a science museum, and every weekend there is a street fair where you can find everything from toys to tools!
view of a pond in a park

If you stop and look to the other side of the fair, you can see a place on the corner called Parrilla del Centenário. Such a place with such an identity. We have experienced a lack of identity at many places we go or sit down to eat, places looks the same and they are ready to be on Instagram. What I love most here in Argentina is that it is not like that. We don’t see a lot of that here. This parrilla was raw, with personality and real flavor. I had already seen the flag for the pueblos originirarios from the car, which first caught my eye, and I knew I wanted to try the food there.
poster of the name of the restaurant

We arrived early for the custom here, it was around noon. The first thing I noticed was the number of people buying takeout from the window on the corner and the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. The second was that the place was also an antique shop, or rather a flea market. Full of old toys, memorabilia, flags, silverware… a corner full of history.
Ok, now about the food. Well, as you already know, I wanted to have parrilla, so we ordered a bife de chorizo, fries with parsley and garlic, and a provoleta. Since we didn’t have anything to drink, we had some soft drinks.
Every time you go to a place to eat, you get some complimentary appetizers. Okay, not every time, but most of the time. So before we start with our principals, we could snack on some bread with sauces and a great spicy chimichurri.
Every bite was a piece of heaven. The meat arrived steam hot over a small barbecue grill with the fries and cheese. I can’t tell what tasted better. The price is also amazing! It is possible to eat a lot at a fair price and, as in almost every restaurant in Buenos Aires, you will eat huge dishes. So, get ready and go when you are feeling hungry.
picture of a chocolate cake

The cherry on top was a dark chocolate cake. To be really honest, I wasn’t expecting much taking into consideration the other desserts I have tried recently. But, again, I was awed but its flavor and balanced pinches of sweetness.
And another day with happy bellies and hot weather, making our stay here every day more delicious!
Thanks again for your company and we hope to see you soon, and of course, Keep Tripping!

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Albert Camus

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