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If you are in São Paulo downtown and looking for a great place to eat, we can help you with that. There’s a place in an almost hidden street near some iconic addresses in São Paulo called Nestor Pestana, once known for Cultura Artística Theater.

There you can find a building designed by the architect Franz Heep, and right on its sidewalk, you will probably see a bunch of young people, some older, some with their pet children, some hipsters… it’s a place where everyone, or almost, will feel included. There are 2 doors, the one on the right is the Café called Por um Punhado de Dólares, and on the left is the restaurant Prato Feito – PPD. I can guarantee you are at one of the best places to eat in the area. My wife and I had the habit to visit it frequently as we lived not more than few-minute walk from it.
Their proposal is to be fair and available. You will feel comfortable there if you are vegan or vegetarian, but also, you always have fresh meat to choose from. All the dishes are fairly priced, so you always have an option for your pocket.
view of the door of the restaurant open

Their main, if not only, supplier is the Brazilian organization called MST whose members fight for fair land, income, and opportunity distribution in Brazil. They are huge producers of organic clean food and also have been exporting high-quality grains abroad.
If you are not feeling like having lunch you also can choose to snack and have some super cold beer or, if you are stronger, the delicious caipirinha they serve there. I would highly recommend you order to start a portion of their crackling fried pork belly or the tapioca cubes.
Most times I ordered breaded beef, what in Latin America we call “milanesa” and my wife order the vegetarian “baiao” – Baião de Dois is a traditional Brazilian dish originally from the northeast states made with rice, beans, and some vegetables, and jerk beef. Both, like every dish I have tried, are just perfectly delicious.
Oh!!! Of course!!! On Saturdays, traditionally they serve Feijoada, so please, go for it!!!
view of a feijoada dish with a cup of beer

Some nights, craving for something sweet, if before 10 pm, we can also find the best of sweets there. It was a great idea to start your night if you are preparing to spend the night dancing and enjoying in Rua Augusta or Consolação. A pitstop to have something to eat and drink a great coffee, hot or cold cups, will for sure be the perfect first step for your night.
I am sure you won’t regret to stop by and spend some money and time there!
It is located at 109, Nestor Pestana Street.

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